GME is your source for the latest in Safety and Communications products. Founded in Australia in 1959, GME is at the forefront of land and marine based radio communications, safety and innovation.

  • Agricultural and Heavy Vehicle
  • 4WD and Touring
  • Camping and Outdoors

Through prudent research, imaginative products, significant technological investment and international alliances, we continue to expand our local and global presence.

The major markets we address are:

Two way radio communications – including  477 MHz rural radio and UHF/VHF commercial mobile and handheld radios complemented by a full accessory range, including power supplies, mounting hardware and antennas.

Marine electronics  – where products like the award winning GME emergency beacons, VHF radios and entertainment systems have established a worldwide reputation for innovation, value for money and reliability.

Telemetry and data radio products – a range of simple, robust UHF/VHF terminals and system accessories, which can provide highly cost-effective remote control and monitoring facilities, whilst maintaining a high level of system integrity.

Television signal processing and distribution – Kingray MATV products are recognised throughout the Asia/Pacific region for their performance and dependability. The range includes terrestrial and satellite TV signal amplifiers, signal splitters, frequency converters, modulators and high power distribution amplifiers.

To complement our range of Australian designed and manufactured products and to provide our dealer network with a broad product portfolio, we have entered into a number of strategic alliances with offshore manufacturing organisations. These external relationships are based on an exclusive distribution agreement, contract production or OEM/ODM partnerships


Radio Communications

The ability to communicate and to share information is fundamental to mankind’s evolution, therefore when one considers the sheer magnitude and geography of Australia and New Zealand; it is clear why two-way radio has played such an important role in the development of the nation’s infrastructure. It is also not surprising that innovative telecommunications should emerge as one of the country’s leading industries.

The ground-breaking GME telemetry and data radio systems are providing new levels of efficiency in  farm management, viticulture and many associated  rural activities.

Technical excellence lies at the very heart of every GME product. From the design engineers, through the factory assemblers, test technicians, to the marketing, sales and customer service teams that support the products in the field; each employee has commitment and pride in the quality of the GME brand. Today as we enter the brave new world of digital radio with expanded channel requirements and advanced signalling techniques this combination of expertise and resources will ensure GME remains at the cutting edge of radio communications technology and development.


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