Specialist Auto Electric are approved installers of EROAD products.

Our solution consists of a secure electronic distance recorder (Ehubo), combined with a bank-grade payment gateway and services portal.

The Ehubo records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular data network to our web-based application called Depot where users access information and services online.

Depot allows you to view and monitor your vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. Depot is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to help you better manage and control your operation.

Depot is hosted on cloud infrastructure, offering unparalleled performance, redundancy and security. All your data and reports are stored for at least five years, allowing you to effortlessly meet your statutory requirements around record keeping.

We back up our services with comprehensive customer care. This includes a user-friendly help website with searchable topics, FAQs and online training videos. Our customers receive all product and service updates automatically, with no action required.


Less Effort

EROAD’s automated solution for RUC management allows you to meet your RUC obligations in real time, automate your record keeping, eliminate costs of manual data entry and RUC administration, and improve compliance. The productivity benefits, reduction in paperwork, and increased offroad refunds will deliver significant gains to your business.

Less Paper

Less The EROAD solution automatically captures and records all required data elements to meet your RUC obligations. Buy your RUC when you need it, online 24/7 – no more paper licences and no vehicle downtime. All records are archived to support you in meeting your audit and legal obligations.

Less Tax

The EROAD system automatically and accurately tracks and records your vehicle’s location and determines off-road distance travelled. EROAD has developed a proprietary electronic map layer, supplemented by a sophisticated geofence tool, to support accurate and auditable off-road calculations. Off-road travel can now easily be recorded to increase your off-road refunds and improve your cash flow.

Less Stress

Concerns around accidental non-compliance means that many operators waste valuable time on RUC management. EROAD‘s revolutionary electronic RUC solution ensures your vehicle never runs out of RUC, and allows you to automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum increments - virtually pay-as-you-go.

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