Dometic/Waeco provides a range of cooling solutions and mobile technology to suite your automotive and trucking needs.


Battery Chargers and Inverters

Chargers suitable for starter and leisure batteries for motorhomes and power inverters for bringing electronical device comfort while being on the move.


Inexpensive coolers for private and professional use. WAECO coolers are truly mobile, giving camping enthusiasts all the freedom they need.

Household Vehicle Accessories

Home convenience in your vehicle, thanks to our household appliances customized and designed to make your life easier when travelling.


Iceboxes hold large amounts of ice and frozen goods for long periods and are ideal for continuous exposure to weather.

Portable Fridges/Freezers

The portable fridge/freezers range offers a selection and variety to suit your every need. With our portable range you can find a fridge/freezer to suit any outdoor activity and keep your food and beverages at the right temperature.

Reversing Video Systems

WAECO reversing video systems are equipped to face any reversing obstacle or tight space manoeuvre. With the monitor on the dashboard and the camera at the back of your vehicle or mobile home, you have everything insight with comfortable viewing angles.

Sanitation Solutions and Additives

Experience perfect mobile comfort and hygiene - with our advanced sanitation solutions. Portable and cassette toilets along with innovative sanitation fluids add up to a comfort-enhanced system for undiminished holiday enjoyment.

Air Conditioners for Trucks

Specifically designed air conditioners for stationary operation in trucks – not as a substitute but as a complement to the factory-fitted air conditioner. Taking over where the vehicle A/C has left off, they maintain a pleasant temperature inside the cabin and, what’s more, dehumidify the air.

Vehicle Accessories

From mirrors to levels and seat coolers, view the latest products on offer for your vehicle, adding safety and comfort while on the road.

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