Protect your vehicle from break-ins and prevent it from being driven away. The Cyclops range of car alarms is designed to provide all the protection your car will ever need.


Specialist Auto Services is a qualified installer for the Cyclops range of car security systems. We will help you find the best vehicle security solution to suit your needs from the extensive range of Cyclops Alarms.

Cyclops security systems are made by Dynamco in Australia. Up until about 2012 most Cyclops alarms sold in New Zealand were re-branded and sold under the Dynatron brand name.

Dynamco is the leading Australian vehicle security research, design and manufacturing company. Their Cyclops security systems have developed from two decades of serving Australian and New Zealand vehicle owners. With a dedicated research and development team, their products will continue to impress industry experts and thwart car thieves alike.

From small beginnings, Dynamco have grown steadily to become one of the world's leading specialist companies in electronic vehicle security. Designing and customising systems to combat the increasingly sophisticated professional car thief, without compromising the user friendliness of the systems. Dynamco pioneered Radio Frequency Identification Systems and Random Encryption Technology (Code Hopping). Both techniques now being fundamental to the majority of electronic vehicle security systems installed worldwide. They are cognisant of the stringent requirements of vehicle electronics and the extremely hostile environment to which the equipment is subjected.

It is not without reason that Dynamco received the prestigious Australian Design Award. Their engineers and designers keep them at the cutting edge of electronic vehicle security technology. The vast Dynamco range includes the world-renowned "touch key" immobiliser up to fully Australian Standards approved immobiliser/alarm systems. Complimenting the range is a unique fully universal OE upgrade alarm that interfaces into virtually any OE remote system, plus the latest innovation in electronic engineering the "NO-START". A unique immobiliser that requires no wiring to perform immobilisation via digitally superposition encoded signals. At the pinnacle of the Dynamco range is the new 7 series range of alarms & immobilisers that incorporate transponder technology into the remote transmitter!

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